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Hometown of Shawano WI

We Love our hometown of Shawano Wisconsin

From our main street festivals like Holiday Stroll and Octoberfest to our Shawano County Fair we feel very lucky to have a business in Shawano.

As your Hometown insurance leader we are always searching for better products to bring you.  With the vast amount of insurance products on TV and, well, everywhere – you might ask yourself why buying insurance in shawano is the best option.  The answer is simple.  Because we live here we understand which companies will value your business and which companies are simply targeting our area.  We dont want to sell you a car insurance policy for instance and have the rate double in the course of 2 or 3 years.  That doesnt make sense to us.  We also don’t want to sell you a homeowners insurance policy just to watch the company leave the state.  We chose stable companies who will value your business.

Many times you will see a car with an insurance company logo painted on it.  They do this because you see their presence in your hometown.  That doesn’t mean they have invested anything in the community or are sponsoring any local events – theyre just driving through.  We are here with you and so we want to represent companies that are here too, that is why we represent some great Wisconsin insurance companies like Secura and Germantown.

From the Wolf River to Shawano lake we understand our hometown insurance market and strive to protect it with great insurance.

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