Preparing Your Home for Cold Weather

Winter is Coming. We often prepare for cold weather by making sure we have a good winter coat and boots or maybe we get our furnace looked at to ensure it runs properly when it is needed. One thing we dont often worry about is our home itself.  Regardless of the age of your home make sure you prepare it to better shelter you in the winter months.

1. Inspect your windows and the flashing around the windows. Are there any exposed areas? Not only can heat escape from these areas but moisture can seep in and wreak havoc when it freezes and expands.

2. Protect your roof from Ice Dams. If your roof is too shallow or perhaps more heat reaches a certain part of it you may start to see ice forming which is a problem. Ice can melt and get beneath your shingles which will eventually melt and cause water damage. Here is a handy article on preventing ice dams.

3. Protect your pipes.  If your pipes freeze and break releasing water into your home it wont just be a bad day….it will be a bad month.  Know where your pipes are and protect them from cold temperatures.  You may find that pipes were laid in some odd places like your unheated attic or a closet.  A very important tip is to know where your main shutoff is.  If you do have a problem you will not be searching for the solution as water invades your home.  The below info-graphic can help.

Find out how to keep water pipes from freezing with this frozen pipes infographic.

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