a tale of two people

A tale of two people

There are essentially two kinds of insurance shoppers. While one feels comfortable talking over coverages with a salesman the other is comfortable getting a quote with their iPad while drinking a Fanta at 2AM. We don’t judge.

We have customized our process and technology to cater to each person individually.  For example: a person that sets an appointment with a salesman is generally not going to want to receive a text message from our office.  Conversely a person who services their policy at 11PM is not going to want to fill out paperwork whenever they need to make a change.

This is how it works out in the insurance world.  The old way and the new way.  Instead of being a big funnel we wanted to “wow” our clients.  The only way to do that is to think from their perspective.  This is what we have done.

You will probably find yourself between these two scenarios.  This is normal.  Because the business world is still waking up to the possibilities of mobile technology we will all be: somewhere in the middle.  As an agency we have vowed to move as far forward as technology will let us while making our number one concern “security”.

Cap and Aaron Wallrich Insurance

Cap and Aaron Wallrich Insurance

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