Wisconsin car owners enjoy lowest costs in the nation

Wisconsin Car Owners Enjoy 5th Lowest Ownership Costs In Nation

Screen Shot 2014-07-10 at 3.01.49 PMAccording to a BankRate.com survey Wisconsin is among the lowest in the nation of car ownership costs.  Be excited Wisconsin car owners!  In fact, we are a full 9% below the national average.  The survey cited many items that contribute to this including “cost of gas”, “cost to repair” and insurance.

Wisconsin has a very competitive insurance market, as a result we enjoy low rates – this has been the case for many decades.  Because all costs are relative you would have to move or shop in other states to understand this but most of us drive through states where gas is more expensive.  The study confirms our analysis on our auto insurance page that our average insurance premium is around $680 per term.

Some common ways to lower your insurance costs are to drive safe (avoid violations) and take advantage of discounts like “good student” and “new vehicle”.

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